Bhadrika yogini dasha in astrology

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Yogini dasa is spread over 36 years and is allotted to 8 yoginis ruled by the planets Moon to Rahu,Ketu does not have lordship here in this dasa. O Brahmin! I have already given you the description of Panch Swar Dasha.

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Add 3 to the Janm Nakshatr and divide it by 8. The remainder will indicate the Yogini Dasha of Mangal, etc.

Yogini Das

It can be used to predict financial matters and matters related to status and power. It Shows Religious and Spirituals activities and the evolution of ones Soul. Niryaana Means Death and Shoola is a Weapon of Lord Shiva and who is the lord of Distruction and this dasha dasha system is Works as per Mahesh destruction so it is used for timing of death , Pain and Suffering one may face during the Life last Part.

These are a very versatile dasa system and one sould pay attention to the details of calculation.

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  • Will elobrate in upcoming posts along with examples of usage of these Dasha systems Mean a while please do share your View's. Jump to.

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    Yogini Dasha Calculator - Yogini Dasha Predictions, Interpretation, Bhadrika, Sankata

    Manish Sharma June 1, A person achieves progress and success during this dasha. Jupiter is the karaka planet for religion and spirituality. It takes a person on pilgrimages and a righteous path. Mars is the Lord of Bhramari Dasha.

    Mars is an aggressive planet. It may cause defamation, demotion and change of place. According to some scholars, Bhramari dasha causes problems in family life. However, it provides success with efforts and courage. The duration of Bhadrika Dasha is for five years.

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    Mercury is the Lord of Bhadrika Dasha. This dasha brings support and love to your life. Such a person makes many friends. He is respected and blessed by influential people and saints.