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  1. Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222
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Clashes will do wonders to clear the air. When it comes to certain increasingly tricky issues involving those closest, timing is everything. Ordinarily your clarity about facts and gift for understanding what makes others tick is a real asset. With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, this is no surprise.

Those errors will be stunningly informative. Talk this over with others, not so much to get their advice as to learn from their ideas and experience. It will be amazingly helpful. No sign is better at tiptoeing around tricky matters while still making it clear that, sooner or later, a frank discussion is necessary. While this is essential, the longer you wait, the more facts will have surfaced, and as a result, the easier it will be to reach an accord. Discuss these. Still, probe, if gently. Those around you are encouraging you to explore, if not get involved in, either existing arrangements that are undergoing big changes or new and thrilling plans, personal or business.

Each day, week and month will expand both the nature of these arrangements and, more important, your perspective on them. Tempting as it is to plunge into offers as exciting as they are unexpected may be, take things slowly.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, 12222

While most facts are clear, certain pivotal issues remain uncertain and will for several days. For now, focus on asking questions. Obviously, sudden changes are unsettling. For now, explore everything. Recently you sidestepped certain tricky obligations by telling a white lie, that is, you referred to a non-existing commitment as a way to escape. And soon. This is one of those times. On the contrary, this could be even better than it seems.

Over the past several weeks, both your ruler the Sun and Mercury have moved into the part of your chart that accents the structure of your life, and the intense sign, Scorpio. This means disappointing them, which is the last thing you want to do. No sign struggles more with those who tend to be careless with facts and, equally, unreliable with commitments than Scorpio. Alter your approach. Expect the unexpected. The rest will be easy. After that, both the actual facts and your feelings will be much clearer.

True, reviewing these could trigger chaos. In fact, you do it automatically. However, others struggle and will debate even simple arrangements for ages. Discuss your ideas together. The planetary setup between now and the end of the month promises a series of twists and turns, some welcome, others, less so. Everybody likes the idea of good luck coming their way. Wait, and often those opportunities will have vanished. However, the situation in question is far more complex than you thought, which means asking lots of questions before anything can be regarded as settled.

Judging by the current planetary setup, life is brimming with both exciting projects and new ideas. Begin organising your thoughts now. Luck appears in many forms. What seems least promising could be fabulous in the long run. At the moment, the latter are of particular significance. Before the end of the month not only will you be better informed, your mind will be clearer about what, and who, should come first in those plans.

Yet now sudden events are challenging your thorough analysis of certain matters. With Mercury retrograde, and triggering sudden revelations, even you are in for a few unexpected twists and turns. Only days ago, you were in the midst of a battle about a simple matter, but it had turned into a major issue. While at the time no solution seemed possible, sudden events changed everything, and within minutes. The solution is coming.

Take over.

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Discuss, then organise joint arrangements and plans. Few things are more exciting than exploring inspiring ideas or being on the receiving end of promising offers. Waste no time trying to organise these. By the time you do, the actual circumstances will have changed, and with them, those offers. The trick is to take what seems a chance. And until then? Take time to talk these over. Frank, and heartfelt, discussions could resolve those problems for good.

Tempting as it is to explain what happened, point by point, it would only make things worse. Forget about discussing who did what and, instead, help them put things right. That time has come. Forget attempts to keep things civilised and, instead, gather your facts, then be blunt. Actually, destiny is about to do it for you, in the form of events that make discussion unavoidable. While this period tends to trigger errors, they can be as informative as they are annoying, and even at times, disruptive. This will make things easier for others, because they, too, are aware problems are brewing, and were wondering how to raise them with you.

Instead, ask the individual in question to state their concerns, but clearly and briefly.

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Be aware how easy it is to allow your current enthusiastic feelings about certain ideas or even the potential of certain individuals to override what you know is best. For now, focus on reviewing existing arrangements and deciding what should go. This will clear the way for these as yet unformulated plans. However, the only way you can clear up already confusing issues is by doing exactly that. Prepare for these lively debates by gathering the necessary information, and both you and others will learn a lot. One of your greatest allies is your sense of humour.